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Yuval Yeret

Enterprise Lean/Agile Consultant and head of AgileSparks USA - We help people spark Real business agility at scale
Boston, MA
My focus is helping organisations looking to improve their agility thru Change Management, Training, Implementation and Coaching activities at various phases of the journey. I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside people at companies such as Siemens, HP, Intel, Amdocs, CyberArk, Informatica, Nice Actimize - helping them figure a way out of a tough struggle and seeing them enjoy the fruits of the transformation when they’re able to accelerate their time to market, improve the value of their work as well as achieve these results in a more humane sustainable fashion.

Somehow I’m always the goto guy for tough cases where “by the book” agile doesn’t cut it. This is probably the reason I’m always looking at various alternatives and approaches that help bring Lean/Agile to life in these tough contexts and is why I have experience in various approaches ranging from Scrum through Kanban, Scrumban, Scaled Agile Framework, Lean Startup, Large Scale Scrum, No Estimates and more.

Connect to me and reach out if you're interested in figuring out how my experience can help you with your Lean/Agile journey.