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Aaron Dignan

Aaron Dignan dressed up like a super hero for 180 straight days of the first grade, which marked the beginning of his life as an iconoclast, observer, theorist, and performer. Now, as a founding partner of the digital strategy firm Undercurrent based in New York, he advises global brands and complex organizations like GE, PepsiCo, Ford, and Disney on their future in an increasingly technophilic world. Aaron solves problems across a wide range of industries using a model of behavior that promotes: habitual, emergent, iterative, collaborative, bespoke, and multifaceted interactions. He believes that by tapping into the ever-present digital layer, complex organizations can improve almost every process including marketing, human resources, decision-making, and future planning. Most recently, he has recognized the immeasurable value of games as engines of motivation capable of influencing behavior. Aaron now believes that a new breed of behavioral games has the power to transform our most basic activities at work, school, and home. Aaron is the author of Game Frame: Using Games as a Strategy for Success.