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Tuesday, May 15

10:30am EDT

Fast Climbing the Risk Escalator

Ever feel your organization is trying to run up a down escalator which is ever speeding up? Well, it’s probably because it is. Relentless changes in technology, competition and market conditions – just to name three driving forces – are making it ever more difficult to make good decisions concerning what risks to manage and what opportunities to pursue next.  Just as you think you have something under control, something comes along and turns everything upside down.


In this talk, Robert Charette will describe his three dimensional risk escalator or helix to help understand the myriad of dynamic forces acting on (and inside) organizations today, and how instead of merely reacting to them, an organization embracing lean software and systems development can manipulate these forces to their advantage and profit.

avatar for Robert Charette

Robert Charette

Robert N. Charette is a Fellow with Cutter's Business Technology Strategies practice and a Senior Consultant with its Agile Product & Project Management practice. He is also President of ITABHI Corporation, a business and technology risk management consultancy. With 35 years’ experience... Read More →

Tuesday May 15, 2012 10:30am - 11:10am EDT
Harborview 3

11:20am EDT

Effective Modeling and Simulating Kanban Projects Using Monte Carlo Techniques

Modeling and Monte-carlo simulation allows rapid (and repetitive) "what-if" risk analysis to be performed on proposed or ongoing Lean/Kanban projects. This analysis leads to reliably forecasting delivery dates, cost, staffing-requirements, and informed risk management. Learn how to quickly find options that minimize cost and delivery time, whilst maximizing revenue for a project and portfolio.
Modeling and simulation gives you a platform for experimentation before and during a project. Modeling your development process and project allows you to simulate possible delivery date/cost outcomes 1000's of times, and then compare these results to quickly find those model inputs that have the greatest impact on a final result (cost, date, or cycle-time); and then manage your project accordingly.
This talk both introduces the concepts and then discusses through detailed examples, how to answer important questions like:
1. What is the impact of outsourcing my QA process? Is it cost effective?
2. What is the cost impact because of high defect rates during development?
3. What is the delivery date impact of losing a key staff member? What staff skills do I need to hire next?

By the end of this session you will understand the capabilities of Monte-carlo simulation and modeling a Kanban project and be in a position to embrace these techniques in your own projects and teams.

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Troy Magennis

Troy is an experienced IT executive who has been involved in many leading software organizations over 20 years. Most recently, Troy founded Focused Objective to build and promote risk management tools that simulate and forecast software development projects and portfolios. Technology... Read More →

Tuesday May 15, 2012 11:20am - 12:00pm EDT
Harborview 3

2:30pm EDT

Lean's Contribution to Enterprise Value: Resolving Problems, Mitigating Risks, and Capturing Opportunities

Resources required to execute Lean programs and projects compete with the myriad of other requests for resources executives weigh and decide upon on a regular basis.  Though the scope of the "Lean Lense" has traditionally been on improvement, Lean programs and projects can contribute to enterprise value by resolving existing problems, mitigating risks, and capturing improvement opportunities.  This presentation details how this broader scoping of Lean initiatives coupled with an enterprise metric of value creation and protection enables Lean programs and projects to appropriately compete with all other requests for the enterprise's limited resources--staff time and dollars.

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Brian W. Hagen, PhD

Dr. Brian Hagen is a founder and Managing Director of Decision Empowerment Institute. With 25 years of experience as a consultant to over 30 corporations in the Fortune 200, he is an internationally acknowledged authority and advisor in the field of decision and risk analysis. Dr... Read More →

Tuesday May 15, 2012 2:30pm - 3:30pm EDT
Harborview 3

4:00pm EDT

Who Moved My Risk?

What does Kanban have to say about risk? Some of the answers may surprise you.

Even early on in its implementation, Kanban can help you to recognize certain types of risk quickly and to manage them visually. As the dynamics of your processes are revealed in action, Kanban may prompt changes to the way your work is structured, scheduled and monitored, with clear benefits in process performance. Less obviously, Kanban may challenge deeply-held assumptions about when, where and by whom risk should be managed, perhaps with wide implications for your organization. Most surprisingly of all, Kanban may encourage you to embrace certain types of risk, both to improve your process capability and to help achieve better results from the systems you build and maintain.

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Mike Burrows

Mike has led development teams and larger IT functions for much of his career, working in the aerospace, software tools, finance and energy sectors. Now Program Director at David J Anderson & Associates, previous positions include Executive Director at UBS Investment Bank and IT Director... Read More →

Tuesday May 15, 2012 4:00pm - 5:30pm EDT
Harborview 3