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Jason Eyre

Hansoft AB
Senior Solutions and Sales Manager
Naturally, working at Hansoft, I am biased that Hansoft is the best tool for managing the process of development. Being able to bring all the methodologies together in program view and still track the teams together on a release, obviously makes Hansoft stand out. Add to that, the real time user experience for team members and managers, enabling more efficient production practices and the ability Hansoft has to increase productivity for the organization, gives Hansoft the edge.

With a newly designed work area for team members and new Kanban look and feel, I look forward to showing those interested how fast and easy the interface is to use (and why people love using it), how good it is at program management (helping team of teams collaborate on a large program) and how to run different methods, like scrum, kanban and gantt scheduling in the same project and share the same releases and product backlog.

Let's meet for a 10 minute demo and let me know what you think.